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What Are the Benefits of Blue Betta in Massage Therapy?


This is a pretty normal question, because in order to invest into such service, you need to know how it’s going to benefit you. And don’t worry, because this article is going to make everything pretty clear and evident for you.

Combat Stress:

One of the most important benefits of massage therapy is that it’s a magnificent and highly effective way to combat stress. If you feel pretty stressed and feel like you need to have some kind of relief, then you can obtain it with the help of a good massage therapy.

You want to combat stress, and by going to massage therapy sessions you can achieve that. Because during these sessions you are going to receive the treatment you really deserve without problems.

So here you have it, if you want to combat stress in a pretty good way, then here you have it. Because by going to these sessions, you will obtain the relief your mind and body are craving for so hard. So just give it a try.

Combat Pain:

We all know how annoying and torturous pain can be, especially when it seems to never stop. And it’s a proven fact that this kind of therapy can be of great help for people who have problems with this, because by going to these sessions you will release the stress and be able to combat the pain that torments your life.

There are different sessions for different kinds of problems or diseases. For example, if you suffer of sciatica pain, then you can obtain a good and specialized treatment for this kind of disease. And the list goes on and on, because these treatments are completely tailored for the person who is going to receive it.

Sport Injuries:

It’s also a good idea for people who have suffered any kind of sport injury. Because thanks to these sessions and special treatments, you can bring your body the relief it’s looking for, and therefore, you will be able to recover from your injury sooner and better.

In fact, many professional and amateur athletes use massage therapy as a tool when they suffer any kind of injury. Because it’s proven to work, and we have to say that it does it pretty well. It does not matter what kind of injury, with massage therapy you can achieve better results in a shorter time.

Conclusion and Final Words:

Now it should be easy to see why massage therapy is so good and why you should get it. But of course, if you want to obtain all of these benefits, then you must choose the right professional. Not all of them are good, so you need to be careful with this.

Make sure you actually review which clinics or professionals offer this service in your city. Check all of them and finally choose the one with the best reviews and best reputation. That’s all you need to do in a nutshell in fact.

How to buy a blue betta fish


Female Betta fish

Blue Betta fish is a nature’s astounding creation gifted to mankind. The fish is so beautiful that it is often referred to as the Jewel of the waters. Blue Betta fish was first discovered in the area of Southeast Asia that is present the region of Thailand. Thai people reckon blue Betta fish as the jewel. This is because the name Betta is derived from the Thai word ‘Bettah’ which means ‘Jewel of the Orient’. You would be so surprised to see the fish and certainly, you will fall in love with the beauty of the fish in a moment. The fish is in a royal blue color and the fins are delicately placed on the sides and the tail of the fish. They are of dark blue color giving it a magical appearance in the waters. Blue Betta fish are excellent pets, they are active and friendly towards humans. Let us look at a few tips to buy a Blue Betta fish.

Research about stores

You can find quite a few places where the pet is for sale. But it is essential to know how do they keep the fish. There are departmental stores that might be selling these pets, but some of them do not tend to keep the fish in a good encircling. They either keep the fish in a bowl or in a cage with other fishes. Important to know, Blue Betta fish aren’t the ones that school. They rather fight with other fishes. Although, there are certain stores dedicated to selling pets, keep the fish in a neat cage where they are fed regularly and their health is taken care of. The representatives in the store have knowledge about them and will guide through the nurturing process.

Search for Breeders

Breeders are the people whose sole intention is to breed fish in the best conditions and then sell them. Buying a pet Blue Betta fish from the breeders is even more trusted than buying it from the stores. Breeders are dedicated to raising the fish in good condition. They take care of the fish as they can know if the fish has some health problems or appetite problems. They can easily resolve them as they are accustomed to their behavior and type. If you buy the fish from there, they will also guide you through how to take care of the fish and when to give medical assistance.

Look for Online Breeders

Nowadays, the breeders have made their market online. You can search for the breeders in your area or nearby and contact them for Blue Betta fish. If you want a purebred fish that is in a very healthy condition and longevity you can trust these breeders. They keep the fish in clean water, take care of their food, maintain their eating habits, they also make sure that the fish mates giving more fishes. If you are buying the blue Betta fish from an online breeder, make sure that the breeder is authentic. Research about the breeders and also read the reviews. They will give you an idea of which breeder to choose and buy the Blue Betta fish from.


Everything you need to know about Betta fish


Red, Blue, Green, orange vibrant and beautiful colours of the Betta fish is ornamenting the aquariums since many years. The Siamese fighting fish popularly known as the Betta fish is a vibrant coloured fish with beautiful and gorgeous fins. It is also  known as “Plakad” in Thailand, which means “The Jewel of the Orient.”

The Betta Word

The word Betta came from the a primeval clan of warriors, called the “Bettah”. In  middle of the 18th century, a competition named ’ The Fighting Fish’  became popular, in this competition the fishes were made to fight and the spectator based their stakes on them. The game became so popular in Thailand that the King had to impose taxes on this game. This was how the fish got its name as the ‘Fighting Fish’.

They were first discovered in Southeast Asia. The fish lived in a cruel environment which helped it to adapt in most devastating atmospheric condition. The fish was exposed to floods, droughts and devastating storms. It made its abode in rice paddies, floodplains and sewage ditches. But this worked as a blessing for the fish, it became immune to the diverse conditions of the environment helping it to bare the calamities. The adaption was a unique organ called the labyrinth which helped it to survive in diverse oxygen deficit conditions. The fish has a unique ability which any other fish does not have, it can breathe in oxygen directly from air. The gills have been adapted in such a way that they can take in oxygen from the environment without causing any damage to its respiratory system. This ability helps them to survive  for a short time without water. The fish can extend its survival in oxygen scarce and stagnant conditions as well.

The fighter fish

As this fish is a fighting fish it does not like any kind of amenity, despite of gender. They feel safe swimming alone.

The diet of the fish includes worms, insects, and other small species. They can eat almost anything in their environment. But mainly they prefer having insects and larvae of mosquitoes.

The immune feature

The fish might be immune to various conditions but it is necessary to maintain their health as well. The fish requires some time adjust with the temperature and the pH of the water thus it is necessary that the cleaning of the tank in which they are kept is done properly. Removal of one-third of the water at one  from the fish tank is the correct way to clean it, this gives them the required time to adjust and adapt themselves to the changing environment.

Temperature of the fish tanks must be checked timely. The fish prefers to live in a slightly acidic conditions with ph between 6.5 and 7. The cold water can stifle their immune system causing infirmity and illness. They generally prefer living in warm water.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of the fish is 2 -3 years which might increase if they are taken into proper care.

It is a fish with distinctive exquisiteness and adorable features. So, every time you see a Betta Fish in an aquarium just remember its u

Are we destroying fishes blue betta fish?




We sure are destroying fishes, sea water dumping, oil leakages in mass scale; fish trawling for business, environmental changes due to pollutions and global warming are some of the atrocious human deeds endangering the marine life. While so many marine animals have gone extinct some like the beautiful betta fish are amongst the endangered fishes. Amongst the 73 recognized species of betta fishes, some are extinct while others are traveling on the same verge.

Blue betta fishes, colloquially known as Siamese fighting fish (B.splendens) are a large genus of seventy-three species, vibrantly hued and small (2.5 – 12.5) belonging to the gourami family scientifically known as Osphronemidae. Bettas have a typically unique organ known as the labyrinth which allows them to breathe atmospheric air making them anabantoids.  With this ability they can thrive in water conditions with low oxygen levels which would normally kill other fish, in places like puddles, rice paddies, canals, drainage ditches and in almost stagnant streams bettas can easily live. They’re easily found in the basin of Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Mekong. IUCN listed them as a vulnerable genus.


Bettas are some of the unique fishes; they have upturned mouths and feed on the water’s surface mainly. They enjoy a good diet of daphnia, brine shrimps and dried blood worms but commercial betta foods are the best. These commercial pellets include a diet of all necessary minerals and vitamins along with a mixture of all the food mentioned above, which are very nutritious and help in better development and enhancement of the length and the color of bettas. Forget the misconception of bettas surviving on plant roots or peace lilies; they require a healthy diet of protein and fibers.

Mixing up with other fishes

Some species of bettas don’t enjoy schools while others bear up with it. Blue bettas don’t prefer to live in schools of fish; they fight a lot with other fishes regardless of the gender and may cause harm to them. In many cases, bettas have broken the fins, blinded and injured other fishes in the same aquarium. Bettas prefer to live alone and swim alone; they may feel comfortable and safe in an aquatic cave or dense, if you have a planted corner you’ll find them peacefully living there.

Methods should be applied to maintain the PH of the water while changing it; this will not upset the fish’s biological balance. All methods to keep the tank clean from bacterias and ammonia should be used twice a week. Always remember disinfectants, soaps or aquarium decorators harm the fishes.

Color patterns

  • Solid color- no variation in color, monochrome
  • Bi-color- body has the same color except for the fins
  • Cambodian native- color is pale with fins of solid color
  • Butterfly- fins have diversified colors
  • Marble- irregular patterns formed all over the body including the fins
  • Pastel- body is pale and fleshy, light shades of color found only on fins

Finnage variations

  • Veiltail- common tail, one split only
  • Crown tail- give the appearance of a crown
  • Half moon- crisp ‘D’ shaped tail
  • Rose tail- Finnage overlaps to look like a rose

Other facts 

  • Ph 6.5- 7 is always preferred for bettas. Cold and alkaline water slowly kills their immune system and makes them ill, warm and acidic water suits bettas.
  • Shapes of the tails in bettas vary especially depending upon the species.
  • Some bettas have lived well through their teens while others live for 2-3 years.

The beautifully finned betta fishes are growing less in number; don’t let these flamboyantly hued precious bettas slip their lives away. Let them fight; let them make your aquarium an active place. Do the best to let these dazzling creatures live, save marine life.