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How to Breed the BlueBetta ! We are the best in the Market…!

These are an incredible breed of fish. Even more incredible is to breed them. If you are considering breeding these fine fish, keep a few things in mind. Your female will most definitely get beaten up, whether it is a little or a lot depends. You have the potential to end up with anywhere from 1 to 500 baby bettas. Make sure you have the space to keep hundreds of jars that the males will have to be separated in to. You can use Atison Betta Fry Starter or you will have to culture your own live food, such as MicroWorms or hatch out live Baby Brine Shrimp (BBS). These are essential in the diet of your growing babies. This is a very time consuming project to take on. It cannot be done half-heartedly. This entails 5 to 6 months of total attention.  Keep this in mind before venturing into breeding.


What procedures do we follow to prepare our bettas for spawning ?

We use the following procedures when we spawn our Bettas:
  1. We pick the pair we want to spawn and we always have a backup pair in case either male or female is not compatible.
  2. We prepare the spawning pairs with frozen bloodworms or live food feedings of blackworms/bloodworms at least twice a day.
  3. We place the male and female side by side in containers with a piece of cardboard between the two so they are completely isolated from all other Bettas as well as themselves for one week. After the first week we remove the cardboard piece daily for about 10 minutes during feeding. Once the second week is complete they are ready to be spawned.
What do we do to prepare our spawn tanks ? Spawning tank preparation:
  1. We use 10 gallon tanks.
  2. Add water to a depth of 4 to 6 inches. We add Indian Almond Leaf extract (see our page on Atison Betta Spa) to our water all the time so it is present in our spawning water as well. We add 1/2 tsp Spawn-Aid as well as 1/2 tsp Vita-Trace to our water as well.
  3. Place a heater in the tank and set temperature to 80-82 degrees.
  4. Add floating plants at this time, usually Water Sprite, Java Moss or Duckweed.
  5. We use a beanie baby box that we have placed holes in the sides with a soldering iron. This will hold the female and let the hormones being released pass through to the male.
  6. Put 1/2 of a styrofoam cup up against the front of the tank. This provides a sheltered area for nest building.
  7. We cover the top of the tank with a glass hood. This helps keep the temperature in the tank and the air above the water at a constant temperature.
  8. Next introduce the male to the tank and the female to her beanie baby box at approximately 10am. We then wait until the next night at approximately 10pm (some 36 hrs later) to release the female. If they embrace immediately your work is done, if not turn the tank light off and wait until morning.
  9. Next morning when the light is first turned on they may nip at each others fins which is normal. Upon first encounter they will flair up to each other and sort of dance around the tank for each other for a short period of time. Then the male will chase off the female and she will go hide somewhere in the tank and observe him. When she is ready she will come out of hiding with her head lowered and until he is ready he will keep chasing her off. All the time he is chasing her off he will probably be building his nest. When he is ready he will hang around under the nest with his head up towards the nest. Every once in a while he will go off looking for her trying to entice her back to the nest.
  10. If this doesn’t happen right away don’t fret ! It may take a day or two for them to spawn. If after 48 hours after the females release they haven’t spawned chances are they will not. If the male has an adequate nest then you can try another female if he does not you can substitute another male or just scrap the pair totally and try another pair all together.
There are many ways to spawn bettas and what works for us may not work for you but we provide this information for you to have at least a basis to begin with.

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