How to buy a blue betta fish


Female Betta fish

Blue Betta fish is a nature’s astounding creation gifted to mankind. The fish is so beautiful that it is often referred to as the Jewel of the waters. Blue Betta fish was first discovered in the area of Southeast Asia that is present the region of Thailand. Thai people reckon blue Betta fish as the jewel. This is because the name Betta is derived from the Thai word ‘Bettah’ which means ‘Jewel of the Orient’. You would be so surprised to see the fish and certainly, you will fall in love with the beauty of the fish in a moment. The fish is in a royal blue color and the fins are delicately placed on the sides and the tail of the fish. They are of dark blue color giving it a magical appearance in the waters. Blue Betta fish are excellent pets, they are active and friendly towards humans. Let us look at a few tips to buy a Blue Betta fish.

Research about stores

You can find quite a few places where the pet is for sale. But it is essential to know how do they keep the fish. There are departmental stores that might be selling these pets, but some of them do not tend to keep the fish in a good encircling. They either keep the fish in a bowl or in a cage with other fishes. Important to know, Blue Betta fish aren’t the ones that school. They rather fight with other fishes. Although, there are certain stores dedicated to selling pets, keep the fish in a neat cage where they are fed regularly and their health is taken care of. The representatives in the store have knowledge about them and will guide through the nurturing process.

Search for Breeders

Breeders are the people whose sole intention is to breed fish in the best conditions and then sell them. Buying a pet Blue Betta fish from the breeders is even more trusted than buying it from the stores. Breeders are dedicated to raising the fish in good condition. They take care of the fish as they can know if the fish has some health problems or appetite problems. They can easily resolve them as they are accustomed to their behavior and type. If you buy the fish from there, they will also guide you through how to take care of the fish and when to give medical assistance.

Look for Online Breeders

Nowadays, the breeders have made their market online. You can search for the breeders in your area or nearby and contact them for Blue Betta fish. If you want a purebred fish that is in a very healthy condition and longevity you can trust these breeders. They keep the fish in clean water, take care of their food, maintain their eating habits, they also make sure that the fish mates giving more fishes. If you are buying the blue Betta fish from an online breeder, make sure that the breeder is authentic. Research about the breeders and also read the reviews. They will give you an idea of which breeder to choose and buy the Blue Betta fish from.



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